About us

About us

Grace route (Via Gratiarum) consists of routes for pilgrims and tourists, stretching across four Lithuanian municipalities: the cities of Šiauliai and Kelmė and districts of Raseiniai and Šiauliai. While taking these routes you will visit 30 outstanding religious sites and have the opportunity to see and experience other unique cultural and natural heritage sites.

The road can be divided and travelled in separate sections – routes – or covered all at once. The route is circular so it can be started and finished at the same place or at any other point on the route. 

You can travel on foot (7 – 8 days), by bike (3 – 4 days) or by car (2 – 3 days). The length of the day’s journey will depend on the time that you dedicate to traveling and the chosen accommodation for the night. We advise pilgrims to attend Mass every day, go to confession during the trip and receive the Sacrament.


Sections of the Grace route

Dear travellers, are you ready for communion with God, healing of the body and soul, the opportunity to receive God’s gifts, to discover the meaning of life and experience an inexhaustible feeling of bliss? This is the mystery of Grace, a route of Grace, a way to the Lord.

During the pilgrimage, we meet the Lord and experience His graces. The Grace route is a journey of faith and hope, of accepting God’s love and mercy. This path is illuminated by the Divine Light, and the Holly Spirit travels with you. Wrapped in a veil of graces, we open our hearts to the Lord, take a new look at our lives and turn to Jesus, who is granting us Eternity.

“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you” (1 Corinthians 16:23)


the Bible says. Grace is a gift of God, a miracle, a sign of faith, a symbol of the believer’s devotion and regeneration. Holy places are sources of miracles and God’s graces.

Grace is not earned; it is a gift from God that the Holy Spirit pours into our souls. The only condition of grace is faith. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8).

By taking the route of Grace, we prepare ourselves to receive God’s gifts and blessings. We constantly ask for God’s graces and give thanks for what we receive. When asking for graces, we put up crosses on the Hill of Crosses or express our gratitude by hanging votive offerings – signs of gratitude – on the miraculous images. These are evidence of God’s grace, recognizable symbols of God’s benevolence. The received grace, working in us, encourages us to believe and trust the Lord more and more. 

Visitors’ impressions


Asta and the family

"A real treasure trove of ideas! Many thanks to the people who came up with the Grace route. We chose the sections that were the most interesting and suitable for us, we learned many new things and had a wonderful time. We definitely recommend it."

Virginijus B.

„Even though my wife and I only walked a small section, we will definitely come back to visit all the most important points of the Grace route. It is wonderful that there are such extensive guides for people who want to get to know their country better."

A. P. from Kaunas

"It may not be possible to visit every point, but visiting holy places is a must for every religious Lithuanian. We managed to plan our time well and everything went very smoothly. We learned many new things."