The Way of Grace


Traveller’s memo


The path is circular. You can start and end the trip at the same point or anywhere else on the route. The trip can be divided into parts or completed at a time.

Traveller’s memo


The length of the pedestrian and bicycle route is 185 km, when travelling by car, it is 190 km. The length of the day trip depends on the time spent travelling and the accommodation you choose.


Traveller’s memo

Mode of travel

You can travel on foot (7­-8 days), by bicycle (3­-4 days) or by car (2­-3 days).

Traveller’s memo


We advise pilgrims to participate in the Holy Mass every day, to make a con­fession and to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion during the trip.

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Visitors’ impressions


Asta and the family

"A real treasure trove of ideas! Many thanks to the people who came up with the Grace route. We chose the sections that were the most interesting and suitable for us, we learned many new things and had a wonderful time. We definitely recommend it."

Virginijus B.

„Even though my wife and I only walked a small section, we will definitely come back to visit all the most important points of the Grace route. It is wonderful that there are such extensive guides for people who want to get to know their country better."

A. P. from Kaunas

"It may not be possible to visit every point, but visiting holy places is a must for every religious Lithuanian. We managed to plan our time well and everything went very smoothly. We learned many new things."