Akmenų Rūža educational trail

The stone strips in Lithuania can only be found in Tytuvėnai Regional Park and north of the park, towards Šiauliai. While walking along the trail, we can have a better view of the strips admire individual stones and boulders. Along the trail, visitors will see copies of various mythological stones, stone sculptures made by different artists and will and learn about how people use stones in various fields. The educational stands provide information about the emergence of stones, their types, the ice age and the formation of the stone path. The unique paths of stones in these forests – which have been called rūža since the olden days – are stone embankments formed during the last ice age. 

Only the backs of individual boulders stick out, and in many places the terrain descends to one side, in some places even by 2 meters. After digging into the earth’s surface between the protruding boulders, you will bump into 1-2-meter-wide strips of stones. There are four of such types of stone strips in the Užpelkiai forest. Two of them have been studied by geologists and have been given the status of a natural heritage object. These are the Tučkinė stone stretch and Velniakelis. The end of the stone strip, where it forms a tight loop, is very expressive. Long time ago, a homestead stood in it with a farming patch. Behind the strip the terrain descends in all directions. It is shaped like an island in a humid forest, surrounded by a stone embankment. Very old trees grow on the homestead, and a cosy rest stop was installed for hikers.