Fragments of Šilo Pavėžupis Manor

The first information about Šilo Pavėžupis Manor dates back to the 16th century. I. Sprogis mentions Šilas Manor located next to Vėžupis stream in his geographical dictionary of 1575. Later, this area was called by both names. In the middle of the 18th century, Petras Putvinskis married the noble lady Radavičiūtė of Šilo Pavėžupis. Putvinskis managed the manor until nationalization. In 1944, Šilo Pavėžupis found itself on the front line. Many farm buildings were burnt. Putvinskis’ house was destroyed by the fire that erupted on January 5, 1983. A stone with a little sun given by the famous Paberžė monk Father Stanislovas was built in its place. A wooden granary that belonged to the manor still stands.