Holly hill of Girnikai

The holly hill of Girnikai (Šikštas Hill) is the tallest hill in Šiauliai district (183.4 m). It offers a panoramic view of the regional park, Žemaitija uplands, Šiauliai, Kuršėnai, and Kurtuvėnai. The legend says that it used to be a holy place. There are stories about Kurtuovė – the mother of giants buried in the hill, a church that was swallowed by the hill and a stone on top of it, on which the holy fire burned. Every year on September 22, during the commemoration of the Battle of Saule that took place in 1236, the fire of Baltic unity is lit on the holly hill of Girnikai. The first monument dedicated to the abolition of the ban on the Lithuanian press was erected on the top of the hill in 1905. On the northern slope of the hill there is a cemetery for soldiers of the First World War.