Kubiliai Mound

The mound (Birutkalnis) is built on the protuberance of the bank, on the left bank of Dubysa and on the right bank of Gryžuva, at the confluence of these rivers. It dates back to the end of the 1st millennium and early second millennium.

The site is quadrangular, elongated, stretching from south to north, 78×43 m in size, surrounded by a 15 m wide embankment up to 1 m high. 2 m below its northwestern corner there is a 0.5 m wide terrace, and another 2 m below there is a second 12 m wide terrace. The slopes are steep, up to 24 m high. The mound was destroyed by ploughing, the first terrace by trenches, and the western slope by the road that cut into it. The mound lies fallow, its slopes are covered with deciduous trees, which have been cut down considerably. The mound is also known as Papušynio. At the foot of the western part, there is a settlement in an area of 0.5 ha.