Kurtuvėnai Manor homestead

This is one of the oldest manor estates in Lithuania, known since the 15th century. The manor at the crossroad of Žemaitija was ruled by famous Lithuanian noble families – Kęsgailos, Karpiai, Skaševskiai, Nagurskiai, Tiškevičiai, Pliateriai-Zyberk – at different times. The authentically restored manor homestead complex consists of a park with ponds, servants’ house, barns, blacksmith’s workshops and more. The complex is complemented by the nearby Kurtuvėnai mound, an 18th century brick church of St. Jacob the Apostle with the old parish buildings. The most valuable building is a unique, wooden 18th century granary. It has a gallery where exhibitions are held. Kurtuvėnai campsite operates in the manor garden, and there are volleyball and croquet courts as well as children’s playgrounds. Those, who wish to get acquainted with the manor homestead can take a 1 km educational trail equipped with information stands.