Manor grounds in Tytuvėnai

Tytuvėnai Manor is mentioned in written sources of 1500. It was owned by the famous noblemen of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Sapiega, Valavičius, Radvila. Manor buildings did not survive, only the manor grounds remain including ponds, garden, alleys, and the remains of buildings. At the beginning of the 20th century, the bright and talented people Sofija and Eugenijus Romeris became the owners of the Tytuvėnai Manor and the part of the town. Until the crucial year of 1941, it was this family’s home, where Sofija created and raised 5 children. The house was built of larch logs and covered with wooden shingles. The manor had a water mill, a sawmill, a weaving company, greenhouses, a building for fruit drying, and a forge. It was not only a very well-run farm, but also a famous place that attracted people of culture and art. Maironis used to visit the manor. He also spent the last summer of his life here.