Pašimšė ancient fortification

The ancient fortification of Pašimšė is called Skambalas Hill. It is a regular quadrangular hill topped by a 50 m long and 16 m wide site. The slopes of the hill are 6.5 m high, regular, steep, with terraces on three sides: 6 m in the northeast, 1.5 m in width on the northwest slope; on the south-eastern slope, 1.5 m below the site, there is a 1.8 m wide terrace, 1.3 m below it there is a second 1.5 m wide one and 1.6 m, below a third 2 m wide terrace. There are none at the southwestern end, and a road has been made here to drive up the hill. In 1967 the hill was surveyed by the Institute of Lithuanian History. Most likely, it was created by a landowner. The ancient fortification of Pašimšė landscape and archaeological monument protected by the state.