Sundial Square

The main idea of the square is to give a sense to the three most important symbols of the city of Šiauliai: the sun, the Battle of Saule that took place in Šiauliai area in 1236, the archer associated with the origin of the city’s name, and the tirelessly passing time.

The architectural ensemble (architects: Algimantas Černiauskas, Remigijus Jurėla, Algis Vyšniūnas; sculptor: Stanislovas Kuzma 1984 – 1986) consists of an amphitheatre-shaped square and an obelisk rising to a height of 18 m, crowned by a gilded sculpture of a running archer. The obelisk with the figure of an archer becomes a gnomon on a sunny day.

The sun’s shadow moving across the dial with metal numerals cast in the square (12, 3 and 6) shows local time. The numerals mark the year that the city of Šiauliai was founded: 1236. Raising the bow up and having already shot an arrow, the Archer glimmers after catching even the tiniest ray of sun. The sundial square has been renovated in 2018. The restoration of the Archer required 1,900 sheets of the several microns thick gold foil.