Venclauskiai House-Museum

Venclauskiai House-Museum is a multifunctional centre for learning about history and culture; it is a non-traditional space for communication and leisure in Šiauliai. It is a prominent architectural object of interwar period modernism (architect Karolis Reisonas) and a unique and one of the most characteristic examples of hand-painted private interior decors of the early 20th century. The cultural heritage object, which was restored in 2019, features historical exhibitions, events and educational workshops; it offers creative workshops, and provides an open reading room. 

A museum exposition is presented to the public in the Venclauskiai House, which introduces the visitors to the early 20th century history of Šiauliai and reveals the place that the exceptional, patriotic, public spirited and active large family of Stanislava and Kazimieras Venclauskiai had in it.

In 1991, Gražbylė and Danutė Venclauskaitė gifted the house to Aušra Museum of Šiauliai with condition that the building will always belong to the public and it will be turned into a museum. Their parents’ house is open to visitors again and is waiting for everyone who wants to know and create the history of Šiauliai.